It is my belief that coaching should be accessible to everyone. I recognise the importance of building rapport with my clients and focus on improving confidence and belief to achieve a successful outcome. Coaching offers a positive and effective process to enable anyone who is ready for change, to do so in a manner that is both comfortable and inclusive.

Working in a relaxed and conversational style I use a person-centred approach. Coaching can and will bring about huge changes and enable a person to think and behave differently. Through coaching we can identify skills and resources, take control of our life and create a more positive and resourceful future.

My Core Values as a Coach
To Build Trust – Transparency of Process – Authenticity – To Build Confidence – Focus Attention – To Shape Behaviour – Positive Reinforcement – Build Rapport – Person Centred Professionalism – Integrity

Training, qualifications & experience
Level 5 Diploma – Life and Performance Coaching with NLP
Licenced Trainer for Simply Changing – Life and Performance Coaching with NLP Level 5 Diploma
Coaching for Mental Wellness
Mindfulness MBSR
ABC Level 3 – Counselling Skills
Basic Counselling Skills Certificate
Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists

One to One Life Coaching
This process begins with a free no obligation 30 min consultation where the framework and
goal can be discussed. Coaching is about readiness for change. When embarking on lifestyle changes, our motivation can often be the feeling of moving away from our current situation.

When we chose to move AWAY from a situation we will make progress quickly and then motivation can dip. Choosing to work TOWARDS a goal or change, can help you to maintain the motivation to succeed. By working with me, I can help you to identify a goal and work positively and effectively towards it. By facilitating a process to recognise your strengths, skills and resources to make them work for you. No matter what change you wish to make, a Life Coach will be your personal trainer for the mind and the possibilities are endless.

Common Coaching Goals
Change of Career & Interview Preparation | Increasing Confidence | Improving Energy and Motivation| Improve Relationships | Personal Development | Preparing for Retirement | Managing Stress | Creating a Work/life balance | Weight Loss and Fitness Goals | Coaching for Mental Wellness | Social Anxiety | Coping with Change | Business Goals and Development | Improved Management Skills and Productivity

Owner of Now Watch Me Fly Life and Performance Coaching – I also run regular Vision Board Workshops in the local area and a weekly support group called Support for Change.