Nikki Skittlethorpe

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word translating as universal energy.  This gentle yet powerful energy is accessed by the practitioner and channelled to the client via a series of gentle hand positions on the body (or just above if preferred).  Reiki is a complimentary therapy that is non-intrusive as you remain fully clothed with just your shoes being removed and you can either sit or lay to receive the treatment.  It is completely safe and suitable for anyone of any age, background or condition (if any) supporting any other conventional treatment that you may be having as it promotes a balanced sense of wellbeing on all levels (physically, emotionally and mentally).  Reiki works to help any issues at the root cause encouraging your body’s own natural ability to heal itself.

What to Expect

Sessions can be different each time, depending on what is for your highest best, so they can be energising or deeply relaxing.  You might feel immense emotional wellbeing or experience an emotional release or receive clarity of thought.  During the session you may experience comforting warmth, coolness, tingling, and colours in your mind’s eye or you may even fall asleep, although it is best not to hold any expectations except to know that the Reiki is supporting you fully.

My Training

I have been professionally trained at Lendrick Lodge in Scotland in traditional Usui Reiki to Level 2 Practitioner level.  I have also completed two advanced courses there meaning that I have had the opportunity to deepen my understanding of Reiki and experience traditional methods that can be used to enhance the treatments I provide.  My training is deep and thorough and I have a short Reiki lineage between my Reiki teacher and Mikao Usui, the founder of how we know and use Reiki today.

I am fully insured, have passed enhanced CRB/DBS checks and am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therpaies (FHT) which means that you can be confident in my professionalism. I follow a strict code of ethics and I am committed to developing my knowledge through Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

See for more information about Reiki and myself, also this Centre’s Reiki page on how Reiki can help you

Nicola Skittlethorpe MFHT, Reiki Practitioner

I am passionate about sharing with others the benefits and healing potential of Reiki!  Reiki can support and encourage joy and harmony in all areas of your life, helping you to maximise your full potential, which in turn benefits those around you – it’s like a rippling pool of positivity!

About me

In addition to a calling to help others, I am also deeply connected to the natural world having been a Recreational Ranger in Scotland for six years.  I believe that it is important for us all to reconnect with nature in some way to encourage balance in our lives and to benefit also the natural environment.  Re-discovering your inner child is also extremely healing and fun!  I have a degree in fine art and enjoy using my creativity in all areas of my life.  I have a very calming, gentle nature and also connect well with children as I find that they are able to trust and relate to my character.

Why would you choose to have a Reiki session with me?

I believe that you will be drawn to the right practitioner at the right time for you so listen to your intuition!  Reiki, I believe can help any situation and I find myself, due to personal experience, particularly drawn to using Reiki in the following areas;

  • Cancer patients, easing the emotional and mental challenges faced and aiding the body to deal with treatment
  • Carers of family or friends
  • Children who are experiencing any life challenges, promoting self-confidence and inner joy
  • Pain management
  • Deep relaxation, releasing stressful circumstances, anxiety and depression
  • Confidence, self-worth, finding positive ways to move forward through life changes and challenges
  • Emotional and mental wellbeing, releasing unnecessary blocks bringing a sense of peace
  • Promoting balance and harmony in all areas of life
  • Comfort and strength for dealing with end of life or Bereavement