Time to redress your hormonal balance and feel great again!

For you

Your personalised treatment plan begins with an in depth assessment; a completely holistic approach. Your personal objectives and outcomes are the foundation for the treatment plan.

Especially for you

The treatment is dynamic; as you begin to feel the improvements the sessions continue to meet your changing needs.

 Ah…that’s better

End each session with an enjoyable refreshment and few moments to chill before you continue your day.

  Complete support

Once we have helped you achieve your goals you have the option of enjoying the support of a bespoke maintenance programme to help keep you in the place you want to be

Your personalised treatment plan

The treatment plan consists of an initial 90 minutes consultation session comprising of a 30 minute assessment and a 60 minute treatment and a further 3 x 90 minute treatments.
A combination of a variety of treatments may be used depending on individual needs:
Massage . Reflexology . Reiki . Indian Head Massage

Rebalance your hormones

Each session consists of a unique combination of holistic approaches. Always with your prior consent and agreement, our experienced therapists will expertly treat your conditions improving each one until the goal to feel rebalanced and emotionally well is achieved.